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U-Boutique Israel made arts and crafts market place

U-Boutique is passionate about connecting talented, independent Israeli artists with lovers of quality, original judaica jewish art, jewelry, fashion & gifts.
We empower buyers to easily browse a huge selection of unique work and connect them directly with the artists and designers who express the Israeli and Jewish spirit.

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Kelim Shloovim

Kelim Shloovim is a retail brand representing non-profit organizations that create employment opportunities for people with a range of special needs.

The organizations have combined forces with the goal of improving the range and quality of vocational rehabilitation services for people who are living with disabilities (emotional, physical and intellectual) in Israel, and in doing so creating social change.

We believe in our people and in our products. We create high quality unique products which are sold in stores across the country. Each product has been made with great love and attention to detail. Behind every product stands a person with dreams, aspirations, and the desire to integrate into the labor market.

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Stick Around

Stick Around – language stickers for the home and office.

A fun to learn everyday words in Hebrew!

– Contains 529 translation stickers
– Covers 5 different living areas
– Not interfering, but totally noticeable
– Made of vinyl, no paper residue
– Water-proof, cleaning-proof, sun-proof
– Made in Israel

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Yad LaKashish- Lifeline for the Old

Shopping at the non-profit organization Yad LaKashish- Lifeline for the Old, directly supports over 300 of Jerusalem’s poorest elderly, who hand craft the beautiful products every weekday morning.

You’ll be amazed and delighted at the beauty of their tallitot and kippot, painted silks, recycled paper stationery, candlesticks, jewelry, mezuzot, ethnic Ethiopian heritage designs, challah and matzah covers, wall hangings, toys, baby clothes and much more.

All proceeds go directly towards empowering the needy elderly artisans to be a proud and active part of mainstream Israeli society, giving them significant financial help and the opportunities to create the fabulous products you see on this site.

Thank you for supporting Yad LaKashish-Lifeline for the Old.

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