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Israel Flower and Gift Basket

Israel Flower and Israel Gift Baskets shop, offers 24h delivery service of fresh flowers Israel bouquets and Israel
wine gift baskets to your beloved family and friends in Israel and all over the world.

You are welcome to choose from our wide selection of Flowers Israel Bouquets or Israel Gift Baskets, Israel Fruit Baskets, and Israel wine Baskets, and the delivery will take place within 24-36 hours.
Thank you!

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Herbal Tea Remedies

The Israeli company Galilee Tisanes specialty is developing, manufacturing and marketing unique healthy and invigorating medicinal herbal teas, which are ready and tasty to drink, each with its own special quality and flavor.
Our 100% natural teas provide solutions for a wide range of problems and illnesses such as: high blood sugar, high blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation, weight problems, asthma and allergies.
Drinking medicinal herbal tea maximizes the absorption of the herbs active ingredients in the body more than any other form of remedy uptake. Ingesting the tea absorbs through the stomach into the bloodstream immediately and effectively.
Formulas are developed and approved by a professional team including scientists from the medical fields, pharmacists and naturopaths from the Alternative Medicine field.
Production is conducted under license of the Israeli Ministry of Health and under a strict kosher supervision.

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Negev Nectars

Negev Nectars is a community of conscientious consumers purchasing directly from small-scale farms located in Israel’s desert. Bringing some of the amazing tastes of the Negev previously not available in the US, Negev Nectars provides a link to Israeli farmers who produce sustainable, organically produced, high quality and kosher foods.

By purchasing a share of Negev Nectars, you are not only investing in the farmers who employ responsible growing practices but you are investing in the future of the region and the country . . . not to mention enjoying their delicious products.

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Chocolate Dreams

The Chocolate Dreams Company in Israel is a caterer of custom made chocolate candies and desserts elegantly packaged for your every need, including simchas, business gifts, Shabbat/holiday gift giving and all occasions. Remember your children who are studying in Israel on their Birthday, Chanukah, Purim or just because you love them. Or perhaps your student would like to thank his/her Rabbis, teachers or Shabbat family hostess. Our gorgeous chocolates on elegant giftware are a great way to say “Thank you”.

All products used are B’datz, Mehadrin, OU Manchester, Hasam Sofer. All ingredients are certified Parve and Kosher L’Mehadrin, under the supervision of Rabbi David Lau of Modiin.

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