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Arts ‘n’ Crafts Israel

An online store filled with Israeli-made products, general information about Israel, up-to-date pictures, recipes, Hebrew and more…

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U-Boutique Israel made arts and crafts market place

U-Boutique is passionate about connecting talented, independent Israeli artists with lovers of quality, original judaica jewish art, jewelry, fashion & gifts.
We empower buyers to easily browse a huge selection of unique work and connect them directly with the artists and designers who express the Israeli and Jewish spirit.

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Judaica Paper Cuts

We offer jewish handmade papercuts. Each papercut is handmade by us, the owners of this company, as well as by our friends. The designs are all inspired by Jewish culture.

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Kelim Shloovim

Kelim Shloovim is a retail brand representing non-profit organizations that create employment opportunities for people with a range of special needs.

The organizations have combined forces with the goal of improving the range and quality of vocational rehabilitation services for people who are living with disabilities (emotional, physical and intellectual) in Israel, and in doing so creating social change.

We believe in our people and in our products. We create high quality unique products which are sold in stores across the country. Each product has been made with great love and attention to detail. Behind every product stands a person with dreams, aspirations, and the desire to integrate into the labor market.

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Laura Cowan Modern Jewish Gifts and Judaica

Laura Cowan is a distinguished Tel Aviv based artist who creates fine Judaica creations from her studio in the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek.

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Galilee tiles creates unique, handcrafted ceramic tiles. The galilee gaden series is representative of the seven species of Israel. Handcrafted with attention to detail, we create a wide variety of hand carved tiles and mosaics. Ceramic gifts include vases, bowls, mezuzot, and soap dishes.

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Shoshis Glass Art & Gifts

Shoshi creates a wide selection of handcrafted stained glass art. Her many designs include lamps, sun catchers and items emphasizing Judaic themes. Special custom items may also be ordered.

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Biran Zipi, A sculpture, tries to express the feminine experience as a complete individual that is constantly engaged in fulfilling her independence and femininity. Parallel to this, Tzipi emphasizes the potential of a harmonious and holistic connection within a nourishing, supporting and creative relationship between a couple, a promoting and protective partnership within a spiritual and physical connection. The figures in her works are like the dance of life in which the steps of one are adjacent, connecting, opposing, and supporting to that of others, creating a changing and constant movement.

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I provide high-quality handmade quilt art that reflects the scenery of the Holy Land. I strive to enhance people’s lives by capturing the beauty of the Israeli landscape. Using muted colors, varying tones and textures, I use thread to paint a scene with depth on a pallet of fabric. I also share my passion of the quilting tradition through teaching and exhibits, so others can appreciate this timeless art form.

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Israel Modern Art – I’M ART

Israel modern Art, exhibitions and event of israel i artists. Painting, Photography, Sculptor, Design in various styles: Pop-Art, Street-Art, Light Painting, Contemporary.

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Archie Granot Papercuts and Ketubahs

Archie Granot is one of the most important contemporary Judaica artists. Living and working in Jerusalem, he has been creating intricate and unique custom papercut ketubahs for over 30 years.

His papercuts are in museums and in public and private collections around the world.

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Emanuel Judaica

Judaica Store – Yair Emanuel Judaica

Welcome! Shalom!
Step inside Emanuel Judaica and enter Yair Emanuel’s Jerusalem studio – your direct source for original, hand-crafted works of Jewish art. Emanuel’s designs include an extensive selection of challah covers, tallit and tefillin sets, candlesticks, Seder plates, mezuzah cases, tzedaka boxes, Hanukkah menorahs, and many other useful and decorative furnishings for your home. Emanuel Judaica is also your source for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, wedding, anniversary, Shabbat and Jewish holiday gifts.

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The Gift Gallery

Your outlet for the world-renowned artist Rav Yonah Weinrib, servicing the world. Gift Prints for Every Occassion – The Perfect Place for the Perfect Gift. With selections from other artists.

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Art by Shraga Landesman

My site represent all my art of judaica work

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Around the Island Photography

Fine art, nature and travel photography from around Israel and around the world, including custom Photoverse prints combining image and verse in a personal and meaningful way – the perfect way to share your faith and inspiration and a wonderfully personal gift idea.

Around the Island Photography is on Facebook too! Visit today.

From around my island – my kitchen island that is – I bring you the majesty that is Israel. Not the conflicted Israel you see on the news but the real Israel – the Israel that contains a proud heritage, a beauty that makes your heart beat faster and a spirit that makes you stop and stare in wonder.

I use my camera to capture the essence of this wonderful land, both natural and manmade, and offer you a piece of it for your own. I’m on the hunt for beauty wherever I am – whether in Israel or abroad – and my photography reflects that.

Born in the US and proud to call Israel my home these past twenty years, I seek out the magic and wonder in each new flower, in each new day and – through Around the Island Photography – to share the beauty I find in my world with you.

It means a lot to me to bring you some of this beauty I see every day. To help you incorporate it into your own home, and life, I’m available to discuss custom sizes, printing and framing options.

So come on in and explore my work. When you click on an image, you’ll soon begin to understand why I’m so lucky to live here, and why I care so much about sharing it with you.

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Caesarea Arts

Alice & Brian Bergner from Caesarea Arts would like to offer you their very unique Judaica, gifts and jewelry that are hand crafted in Jerusalem Stone, aluminum and crystal as well as many other materials such as 18K gold and silver. Alice and Brian have been in the forefront of Israeli design for over three decades and have compiled a body of work which because of its freshness has remained appealing to audiences of all generations

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Zeesi – Illuminations from Jerusalem

Art from the artist; Create a custom coordinated ketubah, invitation & bencher collection, all from Zeesi’s original paintings. They are exquisitely designed specially for jewish weddings and other life cycle events. Give a fine art judaica print as a gift or match a handmade beaded necklace to your gown. The art is inspired by the colors and textures of the land of Israel. Enjoy & be in contact to create your custom collection!

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Israeli Posters Center

At this site you can see over 800 Israeli & Jewish posters, which are a small portion of the extensive collection we have in our store in Jerusalem.
We have the largest selection of Israeli & Jewish posters in Israel by far.
All this started as a hobby by the owner Eli Zarini in 1975, who is a graduate of the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem
Today, many Israelis, tourists, teachers and students visit us on a daily basis. They use our store like a library, enjoying the opportunity to look and learn from our vast selection from all time periods.
We also offer all subjects of Judaica, Zionism and art posters to many schools and varied organizations, as well as to private customers who are interested in the art and history of Israel and Israelis.

A rich, fascinating and educational treat awaits you as you visit our nostalgic Israeli posters center.
We have not yet met a customer who has not been impressed by our interesting and incredible selection of Israeli & Jewish posters.

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Yad LaKashish- Lifeline for the Old

Shopping at the non-profit organization Yad LaKashish- Lifeline for the Old, directly supports over 300 of Jerusalem’s poorest elderly, who hand craft the beautiful products every weekday morning.

You’ll be amazed and delighted at the beauty of their tallitot and kippot, painted silks, recycled paper stationery, candlesticks, jewelry, mezuzot, ethnic Ethiopian heritage designs, challah and matzah covers, wall hangings, toys, baby clothes and much more.

All proceeds go directly towards empowering the needy elderly artisans to be a proud and active part of mainstream Israeli society, giving them significant financial help and the opportunities to create the fabulous products you see on this site.

Thank you for supporting Yad LaKashish-Lifeline for the Old.

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Loops Custom Design Needlepoint

Handmade Tallit bags, Tefillin bags, Atarot, Torah Covers, Children’s Chairs, Hand-drawn Canvases, and More

Work with the artist to create your own unique design.

Beautiful gifts for Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Channukah, or any special occasion.

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Gabrieli Hand Weaving & Art

Gabrieli is the number one woven Tallit and tablecloth manufacturer in Israel! We have incredible hand crafted products – all made in Israel and offer impeccable service to our customers all over the world. Visit our website for quality art and Judaica.

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