7 Ways to Support Israel

There are many ways to support Israel, and below is a short list of some of the most important things you can do to help Israel brave the storm of attacks and criticisms.

  1. Visit Israel
    With over 3 millions tourists visiting Israel every year, tourism is one a major source of income for the country. Tourism is a two-way deal, because tourists help the country and the country gives tourists a wonderful experience.
  2. Shop Israel
    When you buy Israeli products, you support small and large Israeli companies. You keep the Israeli economy healthy and receive great Israeli products. You an find Israeli-made items in your local stores and you can find great products by browsing this website.
  3. Learn about Israel
    The story of modern Israel is inspiring  and will make you feel proud of what has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. Ben Gurion called it the “old-new land” because it is a country refounded on thousands of years of history.
  4. Advocate for Israel
    Many people tend to believe the news reports coming from Israel and don’t have a full understanding of what is actually happening. Attend a rally, write a talkback or letter to the editor and let people know the truth. Israel is not paradise, but the amount of criticism and reporting is not proportional. Other, more serious issues are hardly mentioned at the UN and world bodies, while many focus o Israel above all other countries.
  5. Monitor the Media
    Unfortunately, inaccurate and biased  stories can be found on radio, TV, print and the Internet. Hold the media accountable and point out when a story needs to be corrected.
  6. Donate
    There are many wonderful organizations in Israel providing services to the needy, children as well as the parks and forests of the country. Plant a tree, buy a meal for an immigrant or extra curricular activities for disadvantaged kids. Get involved.
  7. Come home!
    Israel is a great place to live.

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